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Dancing into Sixty…

Ten years ago, when I entered my fiftieth year, I found myself thinking, “they” said once you hit fifty, it’s all downhill…

But didn’t “they” say that about turning forty… and even further back, thirty?

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Darien Gold, host of “All Things Pilates,” is featured in an interview by Anne Marie O’Connor in the March/April issue of Pilates Style magazine. You’ll learn about Darien’s life and her forty-year journey from the gymnastics mat to the Pilates mat. To read the entire article, hard copies are available as well as digital – a year’s subscription will set you back ten dollars.

Thank you Gratz Industries for including my Podcast, ALL THINGS PILATES on your blog page.

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The Initial Connection

In the early 1990’s, I was fortunate to meet and then study with Romana Kryzanowska, one of Joe Pilates’ main disciples, and so I was schooled early in the power of the traditional method. Romana carried the Pilates torch and educated me about Joe’s method, simply as he taught it to her. And Romana was always in the moment, whether headlining at a national Pilates convention, holding an intimate Pilates workshop for 10 or 20 students or giving a private lesson — always encouraging her students to find the rhythm in the routines. One day she told me that I practiced Pilates with great musicality — words that I’ve held very dear since. And so, in the tradition of Joe and Romana, I have designed this site to educate and celebrate the power of Traditional Pilates and its potential to bring out the musicality in all who practice this method.

The Dancer’s Link

In 2014, I was interviewed by a local Petaluma radio show. The first question, “What drew you to Pilates?”, was not only easy to answer, but gave me the opportunity to talk about traditional Pilates to a new radio audience. ”While working as a professional dancer in a Los Angeles dance company, one of my fellow dancers invited me to take a Pilates lesson,” I told the host. “At first, I brushed her off believing that I was such a strong dancer I needed no other type of training – least of all a “fad” like Pilates.” But that was 1992, before the explosion of the Internet, and interest in Pilates was shared mainly by word of mouth. The message was repeated again and again: The Pilates method will  improve your dancing, and though I heard it, I didn’t get it. When I finally took my first lesson, I was hooked, inspired and convinced that this type of training would be part of my life, as my lessons quickly yielded the most amazing results. From the beginning, my pirouettes were quicker, jumps higher and overall, and I danced with less effort. I didn’t need another message to realize that I had found the very method not only for optimal strength, balance and control for myself, but also to share with others.

The Teacher’s Commitment to the Curious

Although time has moved on in the Pilates world, evidenced by the popularity of contemporary Pilates and the fact that today’s pupil isn’t so attached to tradition and lineage, this site is devoted to the original repertoire, so I invite you to come in and see what there is to choose from. Traditional doesn’t mean stuffy, old-fashioned and not-with-it. You’ll see many demonstrations of the original method, a blog page devoted to Pilates and its impact and influence in my life and others, and links to DVDs and apps, including my own, as well as recommendations of Pilates books and apparatus companies.

My Joy in Teaching

Since my move to Sonoma County, my teaching philosophy has expanded in numerous ways, and my students themselves have both challenged and encouraged me to keep developing my style. In fact, they’ve placed a “Gold” stamp of approval for all of my efforts. So I hope that you’ll make room in your life for a Second Generation instructor who is steadfast in carrying at least part of the Pilates torch by visiting my site and bringing along your friends and family. My apps and DVDs are available for those of you who aren’t able to join my classes or workshops.  And remember my remote classes can be just as effective and are just one click away. For my students in Sonoma and Marin Counties, it’s been a pleasure sharing the Pilates method with you, and I look forward to our continuing growth together.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to study with me, my 2-minute video was made just for you!