The quiet, powerful work of acupuncture and the Pilates method are regularly partnered because of the focus on stimulating and cleansing the organs. Joe often said by practicing his method, the organs would experience an internal shower, and though many people credit Pilates with mainly strengthening the core muscles, a more complete description is that when practiced correctly, the exercises can have a profound effect on all the systems in the body.

In his book, Return to Life, Mr. Pilates speaks in depth about his vision of true health originating from the inside out and lectured to many types of doctors in order to help educate them about the value of his work. Joe also photographed his students when they first began their training, and months later, as balance and strength returned to their bodies. He was able to share these student transformations at his lectures as the photos clearly illustrated the power of his method and consequently, Mr. Pilates is credited as the first fitness instructor to document his client’s progress with photos.

Acupuncture not only strengthens the organs energy points, but treats acute and chronic pain by reducing inflammation and helping to shut down unnecessary pain signals. The needles provide increased blood flow that promotes tissue regeneration. When an injury is healed, by maintaining health through prevention with regular acupuncture and Pilates conditioning, the patient is re-educated, ultimately keeping new injuries to a minimum by improving overall body alignment.

Pilates instructors and acupuncturists both believe that alternative healing methods could alter the practice of western medicine and its heavy reliance on drug therapy. With more natural remedies available such as Chinese herbs and homeopathic supplements, it may be inevitable that the entire medical profession will have to make room for other types of health practitioners who inherently understand that the real physician exists in each one of us.



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