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My Covid journey – From fear to recovery

The doomsday reports in print and on air left little to the imagination of what could happen if someone was infected with Covid-19 and so when I tested positive, like any normal rational person, I panicked. Curiously, my first symptom was a series of hot flashes which was unusual because I hadn’t had hot flashes […]

How I Found My Way Out

One morning in 2004, I woke up with a fever, chills and a sore throat. I assumed I caught the flu and that if I rested and took care of myself in a couple of weeks I’d be well. I canceled my teaching and used many of the home remedies health practitioners recommended. They didn’t […]

My Reveal

Recently, my sister asked me what type of student was the most rewarding to teach. I didn’t even have to think about it — a professional athlete or a professional dancer, highly physically conditioned and very motivated. When she probed a little deeper though, I realized something quite profound. Actually, it wasn’t the talent of […]

What is Pilates? From my heart.

Last month, I was asked to be a guest on a fellow programmer’s show at the KPCA radio station. After she introduced me and mentioned my show, All Things Pilates, the next words out of her mouth were, “What is Pilates?” I wish I could say that I had the perfect answer, but I didn’t, […]

Peaceful Warrioress

On my radio show, “All Things Pilates,” I recently had Dan Cutherbertson, a local Martial Arts expert, who has been teaching and training children and adults for the past 40 years. Dan explained about the different types of Marital Arts he taught at his Martial Arts school, and as the interview unfolded, he shared one […]

Climb a Tree

When I first learned the Pilates method from Romana, she referred to the method as the “Pilates system,” as there were eight major pieces of equipment that Joseph Pilates invented* and each had its own specific exercises. As one of the eight, the Ladder Barrel at first sight is just a large round hump with a […]

Age (ing)

Age (ing) I used to live in one of the most superficial cities in the nation, one that was only capable of seeing and celebrating youth. But I was inspired by someone who was neither young nor yet celebrated, and by then, already in her seventies. Pilates protégé, Romana Kryzanowska, began visiting Los Angeles at […]

Sharing the Work, sharing myself

Recently, I was interviewed for a local Petaluma radio show, and the first question was what initially drew me to Pilates. My answer came easily as I told the interviewer I was working as a professional dancer and a member of Jazzantiqua, a LA based dance company, when one of the dancers invited me to […]

Yes, men too.

Joseph Pilates was an athletic man, which makes his life’s work a natural for men – too bad the true power of his method is misunderstood by many men choosing the gym instead. By using  free weights and gigantic machines to train mostly the larger muscles groups, they virtually ignore the smaller muscles. Mr. Pilates […]