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While two thousand and thirteen is still taking its initial steps, my feet have become unglued. And it takes a level of intelligence to recognize when it’s time to move on and a whole lot of faith to make a change. My change occurred when it became clear that I had outgrown my studio and […]

Your Unseen Frame

Working within the frame of your body when practicing Pilates and its focus on staying in the “box,” is a great metaphor for your life. When you create boundaries for yourself, you’ve created an unseen frame and also an awareness that’s constantly being tested as both supportive and unsupportive people walk with you on your […]

Pilates As A Balm

I bet if Mr. Pilates knew that his method was affecting lives in ways other than body stretching, strengthening and correcting, he’d be thrilled. A personal experience once again showed me how the other two aspects of his work, the mental and spiritual, could be just as effective in one’s pursuit of total health. Time […]

Your Inner Sparkle

Here in Hollywood, where fake boobs, nails and personalities reign, the importance of one’s inner beauty and possession of qualities that go with being “real” seem to be unrecognized and unappreciated. But many people that I know, including myself, willingly work on our selves to develop qualities that help the amalgamation of body, mind and spirit […]

In the moment, your Past and Future

I was working with a client recently, when it dawned on me that I had something literally within my reach that could get across to my client, what I could not. We were working on Knee Stretch Series and despite my verbal and physical cues, she could not figure out how to stay back on […]

Un-sticking the heart

I’ve worked with many people over the years and the one thing that always becomes evident to me, is that with certain challenging exercises, the fear of losing one’s balance or even looking foolish, can reveal emotional and psychological blocks that hamper the learning process. There is a connection between our thoughts and our physical […]


Many people ask me how it’s possible to eat ice cream, a passion I’ve had my entire life, only once a year – on my birthday. Well, this is the story: I made a decision many moons ago that I wanted to feel and look healthy for as long as I could, so I eat […]

Peace through Pilates

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have a little war going on inside. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the general exercising public understood that by practicing the Pilates method, one’s inner conflicts would diminish? And, wouldn’t it also be something if people made the connection between their own personal turmoil and the conflicts they burdened […]


My mom used to say that I was an empty hospital…no patients. If she had also warned me that it might take decades for my talents to be recognized, perhaps it would have been easier for me to accept patience as my friend. I thought that talent, discipline and my drive for excellence would be […]

Power is in your house

They say false power shouts but true power whispers. So, are you a shouter or a whisperer? Up until now, expressing my thoughts has been pretty tame. These last blogs have focused mostly on the spiritual and psychological potential of the Pilates influence. Now it’s time to talk about another aspect of Pilates and a […]