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Le Petit Studio Darien

I had wanted to convert my storage shed into a working studio for my Pilates students and also envisioned passing on the Pilates lineage to another generation of teachers. However, without capital or skills I was unable to see how I was going to transform a Cinderella into a beautiful Princess. But when Sally C., […]

The Feet

“Connect your feet to your seat,” Romana Kryzanowska would often say. Not only was Romana one of Joseph Pilates’ most devoted pupils, she was also one of several ballet dancers who were introduced to him by the master choreographer, George Balanchine, whose own school was in the same building. Romana as well as many other […]

The Mat Work – Hand Placement Information

The Side kick series hand placement is practiced in the Classical position. The bottom palm of hand is pressed into the mat and in line with the waist. The shoulder blades are actively drawn down the back helping to support the rib cage. However, people are spending more time at their computers and wreaking havoc on the wrists […]


When I was dancing and choreographing in New York City, I took every opportunity to gain more experience. This led me to a unique chance of choreographing for an all-male strip group. Most were gang bangers, body builders or an amalgamation of both. I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to convince them of […]

Getting Centered

Hello everyone, as this is my first blog, I’d like to promise two things. First, that whatever I say is what I sincerely believe. I’m not politically correct – which means I’ll express to you what I feel and why I feel the way I do. It is never my intention to offend anyone, but […]