When a door closes and another one opens, it may be that this door has been there right along; it’s just up to us to be open and available to it. I learned this life lesson when I closed my studio, and put all of my equipment in storage. I had no plans to teach right away, because after almost twenty years of my Pilates commitment, I needed a break from everything and everyone. I even wondered if my impact in the Pilates world was still relevant.

On the West side of Los Angeles, there is a Chiropractic Wellness Center. The owner, a chiropractic doctor, had always envisioned adding Pilates to his Center. He treats one of my clients, and during her lessons with me, on several occasions, she told me about him and his interest in meeting me. A new door was slowly opening and though I hadn’t thought much about contacting the doctor, once I did close my studio, his name came to mind. To my delight, the doctor’s philosophies and mine about total health were so similar that working together was a natural outcome. A surprising bonus was where I had stored my apparatus, literally yards from his office, ensured an easy to transfer of equipment to his Center.

Timing, as we know is everything, and to remain open to new possibilities, new doors, new people, I find it helpful to quiet the mind and repeat a positive mantra such as this one, “All good things come to me at the right time. With trust, all good things come.” Like our muscles, trusting ourselves needs strengthening on an on-going basis so we can recognize those opportunities we might have otherwise overlooked or ignored.




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  1. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:

    Great news for you, Darien!
    We are always starting to open new doors if we can accept everything as an opportunity–even the “challenging moments”!
    The Doc is lucky to have you there!

  2. Sheridan
    Sheridan says:

    So cool, to read what you are up to. Thanks for sharing. They say (don’t ask me who “they” is) that there are no coincidences. Your client, her doctor, his office, your philosophies, your storage…amazing.


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