While two thousand and thirteen is still taking its initial steps, my feet have become unglued. And it takes a level of intelligence to recognize when it’s time to move on and a whole lot of faith to make a change.

My change occurred when it became clear that I had outgrown my studio and though this hidden, intimate space allowed me to advance my teaching abilities and develop many Pilates concepts, I knew it was the time. But what you want next out of life doesn’t often greet you at the front door and invite you in. Usually, you have go after it without necessarily knowing the outcome. You just know deep down there is a newness within your grasp and that when your feet prepare for a jeté, there will be no regrets, no need to look back.

Moving forward for me, is a sign of courage in action and best expressed by this saying: Be smart enough to hold on, be brave enough to let go. – Anonymous



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  1. Sheridan Gold
    Sheridan Gold says:

    Lovely words – Courageous movement – Thanks for letting us into your process – you’ll never really know how your modeling has helped others take their steps…


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