Dancing into Sixty…

Ten years ago, when I entered my fiftieth year, I found myself thinking, “they” said once you hit fifty, it’s all downhill…But didn’t “they” say that about turning forty… and even further back, thirty?

In fact, I’ve been the same person with the same level of fitness, the same healthy body, the same humor, the same confident gait I’d always maintained. 

Now as I welcome my sixth decade, it’s no different, I feel the same as fifty-nine.

Granted, there is a bit less spring in my step, not because I’m heavier… no, I weigh the same as I did in high school – but my muscles don’t fire as quickly, and I’m okay with that.

These photos taken September/October 2019 are a testament of what a disciplined Pilates practice looks like and what it can do for you.