Many people ask me how it’s possible to eat ice cream, a passion I’ve had my entire life, only once a year – on my birthday.

Well, this is the story:

I made a decision many moons ago that I wanted to feel and look healthy for as long as I could, so I eat for nutrition as well as for taste and only when hungry. I am also mindful and purposeful when choosing the type of food I want to see in my refrigerator and cupboards.

Even Mr. Pilates in his book, Return to Life Through Contrology, written in 1945, was concerned about more than exercise. He felt that a strong body was only part of a healthy life style — the food we eat and the air we breathe is just as critical. Today, almost seventy years later, we still don’t have much say over the cleanliness of our air, but by using air cleaners and air filters in our homes, cars and at work, we can acquire some control. What we put in our mouths and what we decide to leave out, that’s where we have total control.

As we approach a new year, it’s possible that 2012 will be YOUR year – the year you increase your self-control. You’ve already committed to your Piates practice, right? So now you can kick up that dedication by developing portion control and choosing what foods deserve a place in your kitchen.

Why not give yourself the gift of change and become the boss of your stomach? When you do this, you are following the same principle that we use in practicing Pilates: Mindfulness.

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  1. Kseniya
    Kseniya says:

    Good time of the day, dear Darien!
    Firstly, thanks a lot, you answered me. I was really glad to find your letter. I firmly promise to follow your advices you gave me & I agree with you totaly how is important to practise day by day to reach a new feeling of your body inside after each practising. With a big pleasure I would like to buy your DVD, not only you reccomended me but others you have also, in the most cases I am not scare to repeat or start everything from the beginning & I must remember that each my lesson I start with a question “Who are first time came for Pilates lesson?” Each lesson I have somebody new, so I feel big responsibility to make them feel they are able to do a lot things correctly & make them like this lesson & enjoy it bcs its really uniqe system of exercises which helps feel your body differently, be in focus, be in present moment & listen your body & what is most important for me is discovering your own body from inside. If I am lucky, in march I will come to Los Angeles, & if I will there I know first place I have to visit ))) So, I let you know before!
    About your question to me – what are belts you can see on my photo? Surely, you must heard about antigravity yoga. Btw, creator of this programme is Cristopher Harrison, he is from NY if I am not wrong. Russian team had an education course from him to start this programme in Russia. I give you address in internet where you can detaily find out about this programme, here is it:
    TWITTER: christoflyer

    So, pls advice me how I can buy your DVDs & I think best books on your glance also you reccomend me to read.

    Looking forward your letter, Darien!
    Thanks before.

    P.S. I am so sorry my language is not as a native speaker does but I try my best to learning it really by own )))


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