Caged Lion ~ Joseph Pilates & His Legacy by John Howard Steel

John describes his first hand Joe Pilates experiences with amazing clarity, so much so, you actually feel as if you’re right there with him. His sharp wit keeps you wondering how the Joe story is going end! I had laugh out loud moments and a few eye brow raising ones as well. John’s book has it all — mystery, intrigue, sex, manipulation, resolution and new beginnings. It’s written in the first person and his honest and unapologetic account make this book a fascinating read.

Love All Around ~ The Romana Kryzanowskya Biography by Cathy Strack

Cathy Strack owned a small well-equipped studio called Precision Pilates and continued her own Pilates education which included workshops with Romana and the bridge program through Power Pilates. Along the way, Cathy noticed as much as she was learning about the Pilates system, there was very little information about the man and inventor, Joseph Hubertus Pilates and less information about those he entrusted to carry on his teachings.” The Pilates elders as they are referred to, all went their separate ways and developed their own Pilates following. Cathy’s curiosity about who these First Generation instructors were set her on an eight year quest of research and interviews resulting in a book about one of Joseph Pilates’ most devoted pupils, Romana Kryzanowska.

Carola Trier ~ The First woman ever to open a Pilates studio by Reiner Grootenhuis

This is a biography about Carola Trier, one of Mr. Pilates’ students and the only person to get his blessing when she opened her own studio. Reiner tells of Carola’s life from her birth, to her dance and performing career to her decades of mentoring and passing on the Pilates as well as her own teachings.

Pilates Anatomy ~ Your illustrated guide to mat work for core stability and balance by Real Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger

An incredibly useful book to own, no matter if the reader is a Pilates instructor or student.

The Psoas Book by Liz Koch

I was lucky enough to take a workshop with Liz in 2004 and experienced for the first time what a released psoas felt like. This book is a “must have” for anyone curious about how to find more freedom in the pelvic girdle.

Centered ~ Organizing the Body Through Kinesiology, Movement Theory and Pilates Techniques by Madeline Black

Pilates instructors have many movement techniques to use and explore with their students, as well as a number of anatomy books to refer to when in need of a deeper understanding of the Pilates repertoire. But up until now, there hasn’t been a reference book so complete and comprehensive as the one written by Madeline Black. It’s a bit heady, so take your time to digest all of the wonderful and applicable information.



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Tirado Pilates Apparatus

Magic Circles (only Fitness Circle Pro – the others are very cheaply made)