I was working with a client recently, when it dawned on me that I had something literally within my reach that could get across to my client, what I could not.

We were working on Knee Stretch Series and despite my verbal and physical cues, she could not figure out how to stay back on her heels when bringing the carriage back home (all the way in). Whether it was sheer frustration or a sudden technology connection, I ran to my desk and got my iPhone, tapped on the video button, and filmed her. Within minutes she was watching the clip of her efforts and saw at once saw what was needed and made the necessary correction. I could see her eyes light up and a slow, delighted smile spread across her face.

I know that many of us are resisting the swift changes technology brings, often feeling overwhelmed. I, too, felt this way until that moment – when I recognized the potential of a 15-second video clip. I hope I’ve helped you to embrace a different way of thinking for those resisting changes. Exploring outside of our safety zone can help us stay current, aware and open to new experiences.



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  1. Sheridan Gold
    Sheridan Gold says:

    Great on the spur of the moment teaching, Darien! They call that, “a teachable moment” in teacher talk. Today, I had the same experience with a drumming student. She couldn’t get what I was trying to say. I ran and got a mirror, she played in front of it, and was able to see what I was describing and changed immediately. iPhone, mirror, pretty neat stuff…


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