Mr. Pilates was an athletic man. And he arrived in New York City knowing that he wanted to share his work with athletes, especially boxers, and so he did. He also taught his unique method of achieving flexibility, strength and total body control to many other types of male athletes. Yet, today, the Pilates method is still dominated by women both as instructors and students. Why the male athletic world continues to turn away from this vital method and choose other types of conditioning is perplexing, given the extensive amount of research and the plethora of testimonials that this eighty-year method has generated.

However, it doesn’t serve the potential male client when only women are shown in Pilates advertisements, videos and blogs – and perhaps the perception of a “women only” workout adds to the misunderstanding of whom this method is for. The Pilates method is for everybody and every body – that includes men!

A man does not have to be flexible to begin a Pilates program, nor does he even have to be particularly strong. If he is willing to stay focused and give one hundred percent, I will help him attain his flexibility and strength goals.

A special thanks to all of my handsome men:

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