“You’re a bull in a china shop,” he said unapologetically. So how does my interim new boss think I’ve become as established as I am? Well, certainly not from hiding behind my mother’s apron. But just before I left Los Angeles to begin a new chapter, one of my very wise clients said to me, “ Remember, wherever you go, there you are.” For me, this meant that even with my New York chutzpah and LA accomplishments, I’d still have to prove myself all over again in a new town. I knew my Pilates training would help me in centering myself.

Most of us have had the experience of dealing with a boss, partner, client or others to whom we sell services or products. Those dealings can either bring out the best or worst in us, depending on our confidence level and sense of self worth. I’m not implying that to be successful you have to bulldoze through a negotiation, but to know you are fearless enough to do so will help you achieve your objectives and goals. I didn’t need to hide behind any apron when I negotiated a higher salary and helped to redefine my role in an existing project; convincing the boss of my abilities and what they were worth to him. In another instance, with another employer,  my compensation was less than agreed on, and I kept up the pressure until the situation was corrected.

I’ve learned that it’s important to understand your value in the marketplace, be proficient in your chosen profession and continue to develop your talents. If you are not clear in communicating what you have to offer, you leave it to others to define your worth. My students know that I always encourage them to believe in their talents and the contribution they can make to the world. The confidence attained with Pilates has helped many of my students stand strong and not back down when offered a job opportunity that did not utilize their skills. Remember if you are not going to be respected and compensated accordingly, take the bull by its horns, and if needed, go and seek out your rightful place.







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