I’ve always said that the Pilates method is simple but not easy. It’s the same with achieving breath control and quieting a busy mind – easy to understand but difficult to execute.

When I moved up north to be closer to nature, I intuitively knew I’d find the peace I’d been asking for as my creativity was slowly diminishing. Helen Putnam Park is walking distance from my new home, and it has given me the chance to slow my breath and still my mind.  I refer to the park as my friend because in a sense the park has become a partner I can depend on to assist me as I release, let go and reignite my imagination.

As I climb higher into the park, spectacular settings are everywhere. My lungs ask for more and more air that I gladly pull in knowing it’s clean and fresh. A lone wooden bench summons me as I reach the top of Ridge Trail, and sit, enamored by the stillness – a stillness that only recently seemed attainable. Helen displays her multi-colored beauty and whispers to me that with clarity of mind, all things are possible. When new ideas and dreams are aching to surface, there is no better way than inviting nature to help them burst upward and blossom. Nature’s faithfulness is with you and all you have to do is seek her out.

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