Technology has made if possible to learn from your favorite Pilates teachers, and it doesn’t matter where you live.

Whether you choose private lessons or group mat classes, Darien offers you world-class instruction that can only come from a lifetime of discipline and dedication to the art of Pilates. Her knowledge and experience will assure your continuing development.

When not available to work with Darien live, you can enjoy her popular apps as they remain an educational tool for students, no matter where they are, to practice and review the Pilates repertoire.

Mat Classes (Zoom)

The Pilates mat repertoire is the foundation of the entire Pilates method. Improve your technique in the comfort of your home while Darien provides encouragement and feedback.

These props will make your class more challenging:

~ Magic circle
~ Blocks (3 in./4 in.)
~ Resistance band
~ Theroband
~ Franklin ball
~ Ankle/wrist weights

Class packs are for students who will commit to weekly classes and if there is a late cancel (within 24-hours), student will be charged. For those who aren’t able to commit to a weekly class, the “drop in” rate is suggested.

Please call Darien (310) 701-4653 or email: to sign up for class!

Note: Class size limited to 12 people.

Single mat class ~ $25
4 class pack ~ $90 ($22.50 per class)
8 class pack ~ $160 ($20 per class)

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Apparatus Classes (Zoom)

For those who have access to apparatus, this online class will increase your knowledge base and Pilates technique. Classes are built around students who have the same apparatus: e.g., Reformer, Chairs, Cadillac, Barrels.

Please call Darien (310) 701 4653 or email: to sign up for class!

Apparatus and Wunda chair class.

Single apparatus and Wunda chair class ~ $40.00
4 class pack ~ $140.00 ($35 per class)
8 class pack ~ $240.00 ($30 per class)

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Private/Duet Lessons (Skype)

Based on your skill level, Darien provides a lesson plan for you, and it’s delivered by email, along with an agreed-upon date and time. Make sure to have enough floor space around your mat/apparatus so she can view you from different angles based on the position of your mobile device. After your hour lesson, Darien leaves time for Q&A so please have your questions prepared, and she’ll answer them the best she can. Because this lesson is designed just for you, you’ll experience the benefits long after your lesson!

First time Private Skype lesson ~ 90 minutes/$165
The first lesson is comprised of a thirty-minute body assessment, what your specific needs are and the type of equipment you practice on. The following hour is focused on the classical Pilates repertoire appropriate to your skill level. The price of your first lesson includes an app for your mobile device, either Studio Darien Pilates or Studio Darien Advanced Pilates.

Please call Darien (310) 701 4653 or email: to sign up for lessons!

Private lesson ~ 60 minutes/$110

5 Private lessons ~ 60 minutes/$525

Duet lesson ~ 60 minutes/$130

5 Duet lessons ~ 60 minutes/$600

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~ Taking mat pilates courses over the past ten years, has given me a better understanding of not only what my body is capable of, but where my strength lies, and where my body is in relation to the world. I am conscious of my abdominal muscles and conscious of my posture during my work day.  I move with confidence in the strength of my core. Pilates mat classes aren’t easy, but they are fun and challenging.  When resuming mat classes virtually during the pandemic, it was amazing to me and Darien how much the body remembers. Her classes touch all muscles and works the body as a whole, rather than in parts. It makes me feel empowered in my body. Turning sixty this past year, pilates is the perfect exercise, as it is low impact and a total body workout. Mary Spragens – Petaluma, CA

~ Pilates has helped me massively post birth. I had been doing Pilates for 10 years prior, at an advanced level, and after giving birth it was like starting from scratch as a beginner. Doing Darien’s classes have helped me regain my strength and confidence in my body again and I would say in many ways I am even stronger and more connected to the practice than I was before. Thank you Darien for your expert guidance and inspirational classes. Alison Newsome – Kent, England

In my personal life I have more balance and more inner power since I’ve have come to understand this work. I feel more human than before Pilates come into my life. I have more control over not just my body but my mind and it’s made me a better mother and person. The Pilates method helps me in ways that no other activities have been able to achieve. I find myself relying on my practice to help all of my movements outside of the studio more enjoyable. When I walk back in to my studio, I appreciate the work even more. My goal for my studentss is to have their Pilates classes help them in their lives…I feel cleaner when working with Darien, thank you for all of your help! KyungHye Sinclair – South Korea

~ I’m Beatrice from Germany. I have been using the Pilates Apps by Darien Gold since 2012. Then I discovered she’s offering online classes in summer 2020. I was so excited and a bit skeptical. But it turns out that she sees everything and gives very, very useful corrections. I think I’ve even improved and learned a lot since then. I can participate despite the time difference of nine hours. And it’s so much fun to know that you’re training together with many clients all over the world that share the same motivation and ambition and spirit. Beatrice Denjis – Germany

~ Pilates is definitely one form of body conditioning that if you haven’t got it in your own body, you cannot give it, and Darien has it. With the depth of experience in her own body, she works with other bodies in the same manner. She has so much potency to offer anybody who wants to receive this method. I love her classes. She knows how to challenge everybody whether you’re an athlete, dancer of someone who doesn’t come from a movement background. She is excellent with cueing. She is precise. She demands perfection. And with that, you really feel you’re accomplishing something special. Darien is masterful. Paige Dent – Suffolk, England

~ Recently, we have had the unexpected delight of meeting Darien Gold; an exquisitely wonderful and beautiful lady inside and out, whose teaching, knowledge and personality has inspired and helped us incredibly in just the 2 hour-long sessions that we have trained and talked with her so far! Darien’s in-depth knowledge, experience, teaching style and positive, inspirational and encouraging personality infuses enthusiasm, motivation and a desire to develop as thoroughly as possible in our own knowledge and practice.  What a wonderful silver lining to the Coronavirus cloud in our lives! Thank you Darien!  Jonathan Grubb, Carole Biglands – Isle of Man

~ How can it be that someone who has been teaching for years brings focus and enthusiasm to a class, as though she has just started teaching? Darien does this! The interest and attention she gives to her students is genuine. Many teachers of Zoom Pilates classes, compliment students by name during the class. When Darien calls your name to give a correction or a compliment, you KNOW she means it. Combine these traits with a woman who has a world of Pilates experience, boundless energy, patience and kindness. If classic Pilates Training is what you want, you are clearly in the right place in Darien Gold’s studio. Susan T. – Marin County, CA

~ Sonoma County is incredibly lucky to have a gifted Pilates Master named Darien Gold. Darien is my “go-to” Pilates instructor whenever I’m in Sonoma County. Her extensive knowledge of Pilates coupled with her attention to detail, make her Pilates sessions safe, yet extremely challenging. She meets you where you are, and works you from there. After a session with Darien my body feels strengthened, stretched and exhausted in a fabulous way! I would happily refer anyone who is interested in Pilates to try Darien Gold.  Karen Hemberger – Maryland

~ My sessions with Darien in the off-season improved my windsurfing.  I was just amazed to get back on the water this spring and find that I am sailing better in the start of the season than last year at the end of the season.  It’s remarkable, and very satisfying! Darien’s mat class online is the next-best thing.  The best of course, is working with her in person!  I’m only sorry that I did not start them sooner into the Shelter In Place.  She’s keeping me engaged, focused, and my practice is improving. It’s not just a great workout, it’s also learning the subtleties that make the practice of Pilates transformative.  Diane R. – Marin County, CA

~ Darien is a masterful teacher, whether in person or virtually.  Her eye doesn’t miss a thing.  I find that her live, virtual classes are just as effective as seeing her in person.  I am thrilled to be able to participate in her classes right in the convenience of my own home!  Gwen M. – Santa Rosa, CA

~ Darien’s online mat classes are challenging and fun!  Darien mixes the routine every week so she keeps it fresh and interesting. You can go at your own pace while Darien personalizes her instructions for each student and I love being able to practice in my own home. I would highly recommend taking her classes if you want to improve your core strength!  Barbara A. – San Mateo, CA

~ I’ve been training with Darien for a couple months now, and I must say it has Revamped my entire Physical and Spiritual Thought process with Pilates and the Art of Movement. I will be 50 in a few Months, God Willing, and My body feels like I’ve turned back the Clock quite a few years. I’m faster, Stronger and kinesthetically aware of how and when to engage my Muscles and Breath for a required movement. It has become second nature for me in such a short period of Time. Not only that, I’m able to drop weight and Body fat without consciously focusing on doing so. As a former Athlete (Basketball at the Collegiate level) and a fitness instructor, I’ve been in the fitness industry and have been athletically inclined since I was 12 years old. I am happy to see continued improvements and look forward to embarking on new Plateaus in her method of training that I wanna share with my family, friends and young Athletes who are now just starting to see changes in me but trying to keep up with my new found energy level as well.  I’m very Grateful that Darien has Dedicated time and made availability in her schedule during these times to give me more Knowledge of the importance of breath in Collaboration with motion. I’m looking forward to taking a trip to her studio in the near future. Thank you Darien for this journey! Darrell Morris – Brooklyn, NY

~ As a Pilates teacher and practitioner, I have taken many ‘online’ Pilates courses. They are convenient and have value to my practice. However, what I experienced when I booked my online lesson with Darien was so much more than just an online class. This was a very generous hour with Darien, who carries the thread of pure Pilates that connects back to its origin. If you want to experience Pilates as it was meant to be experienced, to understand the depth that can be plumbed in a single exercise, and to feel the precision of movement in your own body, then a lesson with Darien is worth its weight in Gold.Thank you, Darien for offering this brilliant service!  Paige Dent – Suffolk, England

~ I discovered Darien Gold on line about 4 years ago while searching for “Pilates”. I happened on a youtube video of her going through basic Pilates sequences.  The first thing that struck me is she has the body of a Greek athlete – sleek, lean cut and well defined.  And her movements were precise, controlled and consciously directed.   I could tell right away that I had found “my teacher” as well as a true disciple in Pilates itself. I knew that she was the embodiment of Joseph Pilates technique with ZERO alterations. From the training and personal attention I have received from both watching and working out with her through her videos to privates, I was able to have her hone in on my body and gain an understanding of the deep nature of Pilates and a true appreciation for its unique and exacting movements. It made me know myself and my body on a deeper level. Thank you Darien, so glad I found you.  Annie Brown – Los Angeles, CA

~ I’m teaching pilates in Korea for 10 years. I watched Darien’s exercising on Youtube 5 years ago. I thought “It’s cool and that’s what I should do” and admired her for constantly hard workouts and teaching.  After about a year of contact with Darien, I started on online training. It’s attractive to be able to exercise beyond the limits of the time and the distance. I’ve had a lot of personal trainings and workshops so I can find how wonderful her lesson is. Her class was concise, precise, and focused on me rather than any other class enough not to think it is the online class. She led me to feel what I haven’t had before to a maximum. I’ve come to strengthen the weakest parts and relax the tensed parts, which is the standard pilates. Through this online class, I was able to think more broadly and have come to know my infinite potential power. I’m grateful to have Darien’s online program for constant exercising and soon I’m going to visit her in person and get personal training. I highly recommend Darien’s wonderful online program. Thank you again for the great lessons, Darien.  Haesun Ma – Seoul, South Korea