My mom used to say that I was an empty hospital…no patients. If she had also warned me that it might take decades for my talents to be recognized, perhaps it would have been easier for me to accept patience as my friend.

I thought that talent, discipline and my drive for excellence would be everything I needed to propel me toward my dreams, but I was naive. The importance of timing was something I would learn along the way, and usually  the time frame of our goals is seldom in sync with their appearance. Sometimes, we just have to surrender to the silent and mysterious forces that will help us manifest our dreams.

Ever since I was introduced to Pilates, I envisioned a wellness facility that would incorporate Pilates as one of its healing modalities – and this has yet to happen. Another goal is to influence how amateur and pro-athletes are conditioned. I firmly believe that by including classical Pilates to their workout program, injury prevention and playing longevity will result.  This goal, too, is in the future. Though the desire is there, I have no control over the timing – but I am developing patience. As I continue to work towards these goals, I gravitate towards what I can control – my health, diet and fitness. Weaving these disciplines together has helped calm me and has taught me to better understand the art of patience  (I’m sure some of those hospital beds are finally in use).

One way to gain more patience while those forces are taking their sweet time is to stay productive. Also, to practice mindful breathing when you’re stuck in traffic or have been placed on hold or can’t fit into your jeans. And when you get into the studio, work your butt off. No complaining and definitely no gossiping. If you commit fully to your workouts, physically and mentally, your confidence level will rise – and so will your patience.



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