I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have a little war going on inside.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the general exercising public understood that by practicing the Pilates method, one’s inner conflicts would diminish? And, wouldn’t it also be something if people made the connection between their own personal turmoil and the conflicts they burdened others with? Idealistic perhaps, but what are our other choices? I guess we could choose to stay restless inside, take our frustrations out on others and then continue the cycle of dis-ease…

Experiencing Pilates is like getting to be part of a special club – a club that asks for hard work and focus, but in return, gives everyone a chance at a whole new physique. Yet, there seems to be a disconnect between wanting to be in great shape and the discipline and patience it takes to become fit and healthy. Whether it’s laziness or constant daily pressures, taking personal time needs to be a priority if goals want to be attained.

When I give “homework” to my clients, it’s not just intended for memorizing the order and learning the technique. I want for them to stay committed to their practice by stilling the mind and listening to their bodies and in essence, breathing in Pilates. I encourage everyone to practice, practice and to practice even more, because astonishing physical and mental changes really are possible. Personal issues that might be slow in resolving can be tempered simply by being mindful and respectful of who you are. And maybe, just maybe if more people focused on mastering their body/mind/spirit connection through Pilates, perhaps peace isn’t just for our imaginations. We can practice it, teach it and live it.

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