Joseph Pilates’ system of body conditioning is the most powerful way I know to help my students develop a strong, balanced and healthy body. When students have a lesson with me, they often hear me say, “Squeeze all the the juice out of your orange,” meaning that as each student employs mindfulness and commitment to every exercise, the possibilities of body and mind improvements are endless.

My approach to teaching incorporates skills I’ve learned along the way; Gymnastics — my students have confidence in my abilities to assist and cue them in their movements; Dance — the smallest of misalignments noticed and corrected; Yoga — clear, pertinent and meaningful explanations of biomechanics.
By having the benefit of instruction utilizing these three combined disciplines, students are able to deepen their workouts, and with the challenging and sweaty work involved in mastering Pilates, they often decide it will become their life-long practice. It’s a joy for me to be part of this process and witness the development of the inside-outside philosophy my students learn to embrace.

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