Our Pilates Teaching Philosophy

The instructors of Studio Darien attend to the entire client. Because the body and mind are inextricably tied, we encourage full concentration, enabling the client to experience most fully all that the Pilates Method has to offer.

The basics of the technique are emphasized at all times. The advanced work will mean very little if the body has not been prepared accurately. Whether the client is in a private lesson or challenging themselves with group classes, quality of movement is continually stressed. The focus on transitions, rhythm and dynamics creates an environment that leaves little time for unnecessary chit chat.

At STUDIO DARIEN, we specialize in teaching and preserving the original, classical Pilates repertoire. We promote mindfulness of the most important concepts of the Pilates work: using the breath as we well as the core muscles to massage the spine and stimulate and cleanse the internal organs. If you dedicate yourself to the practice of Pilates, it will help to change your state of mind and ultimately, your state of health.

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