Darien Gold, the producer, writer and host of “All Things Pilates,” a weekly Sunday radio show on KPCA-Petaluma, brings her style and interviewing skills to the Podcast sphere. The Podcast audience can benefit from Darien’s twenty-seven years of Pilates experience and many of her guests will reveal their back stories and connection to Joseph Pilates. Second Generation instructors are also featured as they continue to skillfully teach and pass on the Pilates philosophy, tradition and principles ensuring the continuation of the Pilates method.

Listeners may also enjoy hearing and learning from those in complementary health fields such as Gyrotonic, yoga, podiatry and chiropractic. Since Pilates has become a global phenomenon, it has profoundly changed both the wellness and fitness landscapes. 

Sponsorship slots are available for the podcast. Click here to download a rate sheet (PDF).