When you choose to take a private or duet lesson with me, I want you to know for that one hour of your day, I am 100% there for you and guiding you.

I am committed to helping you gain strength, balance and control. I have many pieces of Pilates equipment that I introduce when appropriate as we explore the Pilates system together. Much of my focus is on strengthening and lengthening the spine so it’s very gratifying when clients share with me that they immediately feel taller and straighter after their lessons. When I trained, competed and performed, I always had in the back of my mind wanting to help others improve their health through corrective exercising and to essentially become a conduit for their healing. When I discovered Pilates in 1992, I knew I had found the program suited for guiding people to their fullest potential. If you’re interested in moving with less effort, increasing breath control and strengthening all aspects of your body, I invite you to my peaceful studio where you can focus on learning the traditional Pilates method.

In-studio pricing:

Private ~ 95/900 for 10 class pack
Duets ~ 55/500 for 10 class pack

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To book a lesson please call: 310.701.GOLD (4653)

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