Recently, I was interviewed for a local Petaluma radio show, and the first question was what initially drew me to Pilates. My answer came easily as I told the interviewer I was working as a professional dancer and a member of Jazzantiqua, a LA based dance company, when one of the dancers invited me to take a Pilates lesson with her. It was 1993 before the explosion of the internet, and Pilates information was word of mouth, and the word was, the Pilates method improves your dancing.

Our semi-private lesson took place in a Beverly Hills home and maybe because I had been a former gymnast and used large pieces of equipment, it didn’t seem odd to me that there was so much Pilates apparatus in the living and dining rooms. In fact, as my friend and I stood to the side of each of our reformers, originally named the Universal reformer, it all felt very familiar. I listened and watched my teacher intently as she had us lie down on the reformer, the “carriage,” as she called it, and gave us our first cue – Feet on the foot bar and push the carriage away. As we extended our bodies out straight, I was aware of a buzzing sound and a strange sensation in my head. In my mind’s eye, I saw a pure white light, though not bright, it muted out all other colors in the room. I wasn’t aware of any external sound, either, and though the sensation only lasted a moment, as quickly as the carriage came “home,” I knew that I, too, had come home.

And though it’s true as I shared with the interviewer’s audience, my dancing did improve incredibly, more astonishing for me was the sense of already knowing and understanding Mr. Pilates’ inspiring method.

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  1. Ilse
    Ilse says:

    Hi Darien!

    lovely to hear your voice again! And still so inspired by what you do!!
    I still miss our classes together in LA…
    It’s so funny that we both made this life-changing move at about the same time… I moved from noisy and polluted Belgium to Dutch Zeeland (Sealand) and living a 5 minutes walk away from the beach now.
    Good luck with finding your own space, it will come to you

    lots of love from Westkapelle

    • Darien
      Darien says:

      Thank you, Ilse! Send me a photo of where you live now…
      I’ll be meeting with a commercial realtor to look for a live/work space
      this time.
      I hope you’re well:)

  2. Gerald(I like to be)Frank
    Gerald(I like to be)Frank says:

    My 1st 1 on1 lesson, I learned to breathe, sow when I inhaled I was elongating my spine with the same motion. I used muscles in a brand new way, butt it felt just right.
    This new butt “correct” muscle/spine usage iwith different areas of the body continued and after just the 6th lesson I felt the best in my life be cause my spine was locked into perfect position for the 1st instant ever.
    If that isn’t food for discussion, what is?


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