A loyal Pilates path is a righteous thing, but other types of passions can be on that path as well, and, for me, it’s always been my deep love and respect for horses. Regal, powerful and spiritual – these beings have it all. Recently, I was privileged to spend the day with a small herd of horses and had the opportunity to observe the quiet but very intense communications they had with each other. Magnificent multi-colored hills and I were an appreciative audience for these gorgeous equines.

It probably isn’t an accident that I’m attracted to an animal that serves as an instrument for healing and transformation – just as Pilates does with its own unique insights. Horses are used to help humans cope with many kinds of self-esteem issues and health challenges such as muscular dystrophy and autism. Even the mechanics of horseback riding can be seen in  the reformer’s leather straps, which were modeled after the reins to guide a horse. Horses and Pilates are a beautiful fit, so whether someone is utilizing the Pilates technique on a horse or on a reformer, this method continues to demonstrate its usefulness and specialness. Those of us who teach and practice the Pilates method already know the unlimited impact of Mr. Pilates’ vision, and know that it, too, it will remain a powerful healing modality.






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