What do you do after you’ve developed a sound Pilates technique? Well, you create art with it, of course.

As with all classical teachings, once a strong foundation is set, revelations begin to emerge. Mr. Pilates gave us a beautiful gift to help us in our lives. The Method has so much more to offer than the obvious result oriented workout. It is also an art form.

If you’ve committed yourself long enough to this practice, you’ve already achieved a more toned abdominal wall, a taller spine and increased ease in every day activities, but do you consider yourself an artist? Art is simply an expression of one’s soul wanting to break free, and the bio-mechanically sound Pilates technique is one of the most scientific expressions of physical conditioning.

With its focus on the efficiency of movement, Pilates has trained you to conserve energy throughout the day, and now, perhaps without your even knowing it, you are developing a deeper awareness of self. When we are present in our bodies we begin to gain a sensitivity to trust what we feel and allow this increased awareness to help guide us. Our inner antenna cannot and will not tell a lie.

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