When I was hired as a choreographer for a TV show in Los Angeles, I wanted to continue to refine my style and skills, so I chose a local fitness club with a large workout room. If the room was empty, I’d use the entire space or if classes were in session, I’d be off to the side working diligently and thoughtfully as usual.

One day while I was going over some of my choreography, I saw a gal coming toward me. Thinking she wanted to say hello, I stopped and turned to her, but instead of greeting me, she uttered this memorable line, “You know, if you’re breaking a sweat,  you’re working too hard,” and she walked away. Friendly woman, I thought. As a dancer, taking daily classes and working out were paramount to advancing a career in dance and choreography, and this person was basically saying the opposite – I thought it complete madness.

But those disparaging words that I had rejected, now have a place in my total health philosophy. Growth and maturity proved the wisdom of that advice and I pass them on to you in this way: try not pushing your workouts for a couple of weeks. See you can maintain a strong work ethic, but not bleed yourself dry. If you do, I think you’ll find your mind-set will change for the better, allowing new ideas and feelings to emerge.



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